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(Custom Online property management System)

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A property management website is one that allows you to list your rental, lease, and sale properties. This website frequently contains a bookkeeping and accounting part that should help both the landlord and the tenant. Buildium also allows you to approve lease applications, deal with maintenance concerns, handle payments, and update financials from anywhere. Whether you handle five or 5,000 doors, you need a simple, consistent website that allows you to be your best. I design property management and rental websites that include a variety of features that give you complete control over your property. I can also integrate it with property management software like Buildium. Your rental website will be easy to navigate, and you'll save money on commissions on every booking. Technical knowledge is not required; you can manage your property with a few clicks, just like on other booking sites.

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  • Include Google’s Rich Product Snippets for Better SEO
  • Responsive Design, Mobile Optimized & Incredible UI/UX
  • Order Dashboard
  • Properties Listing
  • Email Notifications
  • Sorting
  • Blog option to post articles.
  • Online Payment
  • Manage Catalogue
Property Sale

Real estate app devlopment services

Real Estate Mobile App

Our real estate mobile applications have modern features integrated with AR and VR. These features include a next-level property viewing experience, alerts or push notifications, interest rate calculator, and others to make the app more interesting.

Real Estate Web App

Being a top real estate app development company, we provide efficient solutions that help to enhance the digital reach of real estate businesses. Our mobile apps have dynamic product displays with AI-enabled product references and others.

Online Property Booking

Our professional team of real estate app developers creates solutions that are helpful to book properties such as resorts, hotels, and rental apartments, and so on. Integration of media content and multiple payment modes make the app more attractive.

Business Solution

Our app development company offers enterprise solutions along with real estate apps to modernize the business process and to provide a platform to gather and study the influence of marketing efforts on the property customers and associated dealers.

Property Managing Applications

We deliver real estate mobile applications that are beneficial to make the whole property management a lot smoother and easier than before. It will also help the individual societies and firms in managing all the tasks simultaneously with fewer errors.

Lead Handling Solutions

We offer realtor app development solutions to get queries about properties from referrals, websites, and social media accounts. Realtors are using these app solutions to collect, allot and follow the lead progress regularly from the managed database.

Benefits of Real Estate Apps

Business Opportunities

With our apps, you can ensure business continues to flow outside of office hours. Your customers will want to get in touch 24/7, and will be coming from all over the world. Realtors and brokers alike can use the app the update data in real time, giving your customers the answers to all their questions, and the chance to check out the latest properties.

Greater Interaction

Salesmanship and face-to-face communication will always be a cornerstone to this industry, and we’re striving to bring that quality to our clients with customised apps. Dynamic, user-friendly, and expressive apps are increasingly popular with real estate customers, and will help you seal the deals that bring ever-greater success.

Heightened Efficiency

The real estate industry requires no shortage of data analysis tools, databases and communication solutions for gaining the edge over the competitors, and keeping clients in the know. We bring all these aspects together in one user-friendly solution.

Deeper Dialogue

Our real estate apps are fantastic for sharing data and opening new channels of communication, meaning your clients’ questions can be addressed with photos, links, up-to-date information, and much more besides.

Benefits for Property Management & Construction Companies

  • Real-time reports on completed operations via mobile devices.
  • Management of all resident requests for maintenance or repairs.
  • Scheduling service personnel.
  • Controlling expenditures and outgoings for all properties, and calculating ROI for systems and operations.
  • The automation of lighting and motion sensors for whole properties.
  • The ability to track day-to-day operations and video staff workspaces.
  • The automation of reports, and failsafe backups of all data.
  • The ability to monitor and control utilities (electricity, gas, water etc) as well as hazards, all integrated into a user-friendly information system.
  • App Will Bring You Solution

    The way your customers seek out properties is changing, and fast. Today, they want to access real-time data via their computers and mobile devices, and in order to stay on top of your competitors, your business needs to be up to date on these developments. Take your business further with advanced implemented features designed to bring in greater traffic.