School Management Software and Mobile App

(Custom Online School management System)

School Management made easy. Remove friction from managing all academic processes, end-to-end.

Personalized Portals for Students, Teachers and Parents

School Mangement Software streamlines communication between all stakeholders: students, teachers, parents and administrative staff, with dedicated web portal for any type of end-user. Keeping your students and parents engaged with the academic process is a crucial factor in each students’ success. Teachers can intervene early and assure that no student-at-risk has been left behind. School Mangement Software school management solution offers a personalized portal to each type of user, ensuring that your institution is always engaged with teachers, students, and their parents.

Functionality for managing all academic processes end-to-end

School Mangement Software provides a reliable cloud-based school management system for the day-to-day management of schools in more than 25 countries. Education leaders can use School Mangement Software’s built-in functionality for managing smartly their school and creating a hybrid learning environment. Manage effortlessly your school’s day-to-day academic processes: registrations, timetable creation, attendance tracking, event announcement, grading & reporting, and much more.

Curriculum Builde

School Mangement Software provides a comprehensive tool to build Curriculums and plans of studies. Create semesters, years and group of mandatory or optional subjects or units or modules

Admissions and Registrations

An admission software that is well integrated into your SIS functionality allow you to quickly enroll applicants to the course or subject of their choice. School Mangement Software end-to-end functionality decreases dramatically the time spent on transferring students from one system to the other while improving data security and eliminating human errors. Transition to a paperless environment for managing registrations and enrollments with School Mangement Software.

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  • Billing
  • Academic CRM
  • Transportation Management
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School Management System Services


Create a paperless admission process for your educational organization.


Access the most advanced tools for managing day-to-day academic activity.

Transportation Management

Manage effectively your daily students’ commute to and from school.

Academic CRM

Enhance day-to-day communication between all users, physically and online.


Sync your financial management with your academic activities.


An integrated solution for managing physical and online libraries.

Benefits of Real Estate Apps

Timetable Creation

Creating a comprehensive timetable could be a daunting process. School Mangement Software offers educators the functionality for creating an effective schedule by supporting multiple timetables creation per teacher and group or per classroom and group. School Mangement Software identifies students’ and teachers’ time constraints and streamlines the process of creating custom timetables and scheduling teaching sessions.

Student Card

Student cards store information related to demographic, contact details, academic and financial data. More information can be managed in the student card including uploading files and certificates, storing student’s complete medical record, managing student’s transportation data, recording actions or remarks, dealing with complaints etc


School Mangement Software offers you access to the fully customizable rating system. Teachers use a variety of custom criteria to define multiple scoring structures per class or department. School Mangement Software provides ways of calculating grades for each semester, term, year, or multiple academic years. For higher education, School Mangement Software provides additional tools to manage ECTS or other credits management, total transcript management, automated calculation of graduation or promotion capability.


School Mangement Software provides you with four different methods of attendance tracking. Manage students’ attendance by date, time, subject, day or based on your timetable entries. Adjust the types and causes of absences, so that you can simplify the registration process. Students and parents can get an overview of the absences through their dashboards or receive an update via automated SMS/email/in-app messages.

Sessions & Lesson Plans Management

Techers can easily create and schedule teaching sessions and update syllabus. Sessions are connected with daily marking tools, attendance data, daily remarks, homework, and To-do’s entries, badges, thump up/down feedback and much more. Upload documents, files, and other useful information to each session, distribute quizzes and get an easy to use, simple e-learning module up and running.

Custom Reports

School Mangement Software allows you to create and export report data regarding academic issues in multiple formats. Discover the custom menus for reporting and create high-quality reports, effortlessly and promptly. Dynamic reporting and viewability are safely offered on the basis of user roles and corresponding access rights to information.



    School Mangement Software is a School Management System that provides all key features required for the effective administration schools around the world. By using School Mangement Software, you can easily implement a state-of-the-art system that can offer you all the SMS & LMS features you may need.